By signing up for Digital Emily Hosting services, you agree to the following terms, which may be updated at any time.

Privacy and Security

Digital Emily Hosting does not share or sell your information for any purposes. You will only receive information related to your account (invoices, maintenance notices, etc.). Our client area is protected by SSL (https://) so you can be sure your username, password, and any other personal information are sent securely. Payments are processed using PayPal, which handles processing of your credit card or bank account payment securely.

Because we must collect personally identifying information, you must be over the age of 13 to order from Digital Emily Hosting.


Digital Emily Hosting will not host sites containing hate speech, illegal (including pirated) materials, phishing or malicious scripts, or pornography. If your site contains any of these, you will be contacted and given a chance to remove any offending materials. If these materials are not removed within a reasonable time period, we reserve the right to suspend your account.

Client Responsibilities

Clients are responsible for maintaining their sites, keeping any site software (WordPress, etc.) upgraded, and their sites generally secure and free of any malware.

Clients should not share passwords for Digital Emily Hosting. It is recommended that clients set secure passwords for their accounts (a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, special characters, and preferably eight or more characters long).

Overarching terms from A2 Hosting

Since A2 Hosting provides the server backbone for Digital Emily Hosting, clients must agree to A2’s policies and terms as well. Note that not all sections apply (for example, Digital Emily Hosting does not offer domain names or unlimited plans), but clients should familiarize themselves with the terms at a2hosting.com/policies.