Hosting Packages

  • 100 MB space
  • 2000 MB (2GB) bandwidth

Choose this package if you're just starting out and not sure what you'll need - you can always upgrade later! This package will comfortably host a Wordpress site made up of text and some images, and a few installed plugins and themes.

  • 200 MB space
  • 4000 MB (4GB) bandwidth

This package is good for those who need just a little bit more space or bandwidth, for example sites that need more space for hosting images or that have gained popularity.

  • 400 MB space
  • 8000 MB (8GB) bandwidth

This package is great for those who have lots of images or other large files to host, or sites that require lots of bandwidth.

Extra Large
  • 800 MB space
  • 16,000 MB (16GB) bandwidth

This package is our most generous in terms of space and bandwidth. Still not enough? Contact us for a custom package and price!